Here are some lovely things my clients have said about my services and working with me…

Outfit one is exactly what I wanted! I really like the asymmetric pattern and that you suggested a crop top + high-waisted pants. I wouldn’t have gone there on my own, but I love to try now!
Camille – Marketing Executive, US
“Harriee was great and took into account what I’d asked for and the type of style appropriate to where I live.”
Jon – TV Producer, EU
“Harriet was great to work with. She was friendly and approachable. She created some incredible looks for me and was a pleasure to work with.”
Stephanie – Doctor, UK
“Oh I’ve been meaning to message you! 😊 He absolutely *LOVED* and I mean *LOVED* the backpack!!! That was a huge hit! As was the yellow Ralph Lauren shirt. Will look so good with a tan too. I also bought him a pink Jack wills shirt sleeved shirt which he liked. Everything you suggested though, he loved, thank you so much. It gives us both the confidence if it’s Harriee approved 😊 xx”
Tanya – MD, UK
“The looks, mood board, descriptions, AND links were so much more than what I expected! I love how you were able to create looks that I like in just a few days when I’ve been struggling with my style for yearsss. I can’t wait to work with you to build a capsule wardrobe soon! Thank you” 
Alecia – Personal Trainer, US
“I came to Harriet needing a red carpet outfit for my first premiere. I had been unable to find anything that really gave me that Wow factor and frankly I was feeling lost.

Harriet really was my fairy godmother throughout the whole process. She was lovely to deal with, which immediately put me at ease and meant the process felt collaborative and fun. She asked all the right questions and her ideas were beautifully presented and reflective of my style and what we had discussed within my budget.

Harriet really coached and guided me through the journey to the right dress. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Sian – Actress, UK
“Thank you so much for your help. I have been using your advice. I appreciate your help :). Take care.”
Yeukai – Business Podcast Host, UK
“Harriee delivers her content with empathy, warmth, well-researched knowledge and charisma. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her in re-discovering my confidence, eclectic style and all the things that uniquely express my identity.

I know that my business/branding will be seen more confidently through my style. All my goals were achieved through the Style Expression Intensive program and some that caught me off guard too.

I discovered where I hadn’t placed value on myself and how that was impacting the way I was dressing and the effort I was making. Harriee helped me realise this. This was so powerful! Thank you Harriee!

I would recommend Harriee 100% Everything Harriee offers is soo worth your time and investment to be the best you in your style!”
Sharon – Coach, UK
“Harriee… Wow! I love all of these pieces! Even though I would NEVER pick out any of these for myself, you got me so well. Thank you so much! You’re great at your job, girl!”
Sabrina – Business Consultant, US
“I really loved Harriee’s non-judgemental and calming approach, I felt that she really listened to what was important to me and completely incorporated this into her styling work.

I didn’t feel pressured into conforming to trends and consumerism that I don’t feel suit me, Harriee celebrated my view on modest styling and also my approach of buying high quality pieces that last.

Working with Harriee has left me feeling inspired and ultimately much more confident in myself and my style!
Martha – CFO, UK
“I cannot recommend Radiant Styling enough! As a plus-sized woman, finding pieces and putting together outfits can be extremely frustrating, but my styling session with Harriee was truly some of the most fun with my clothes I’ve ever had!

I loved working with her to revitalize my wardrobe and take my favorite pieces, as well as pieces I didn’t know how to style, and create completely new combinations. I have new excitement when I’m thinking about what to wear daily and I don’t feel like I’m wearing the same boring 3 outfits on rotation anymore.

My Radiant Styling session has inspired me to be more bold with my style choices and has my outfits feeling like an extension of my personality in a way I’ve never experienced before.
Rebecca – Bookkeeper, US