Personalised Digital Lookbook

We’ll digitize your wardrobe so you will never lose the versatility you’ve gained through elevating your wardrobe.

With a curated digital library of styling options just for you, swipe through an arsenal of looks that’s always right at your fingertips!

Here is a collection of outfits curated networking events, speaking engagements, brand photoshoots, formal work events, traveling, and conferences from or for the clients’ wardrobe to create aligned outfits for their lifestyle and personality.

This isn’t styling for the runway it’s styling for your day-to-day.


Any season or situation

Personalised lookbooks provide endless head-to-toe combinations and possibilities, that you can grab and go, from your own wardrobe – tailored to each life event.


Weekend getaways

When it’s time to get OOO, have a lineup of great outfits at your fingertips, so you can focus on making memories and not flustered about what to wear or what to pack.


Transitional Picks

Get inspiration for each day of the week as you move from season to season, with looks tailored to everything you have pencilled in.


Treasured Pieces

Here is an example of a client lookbook. She shared her top 5 pieces and together we had a Style Strategy call to discuss her goals and build upon her current wardrobe.


Start Here

With the right tools and style advice, you’ll be using (and loving!) 100% of your wardrobe.

Schedule your complimentary 15-min call with Harriee to take your first step towards a wardrobe that works and reflects all of you.