Hi! I’m Harriee

Welcome! I’m Harriet Chunu-McClatchey a.k.a Harriee, a Personal Brand Stylist and Certified Style Coachâ„¢ based in London, working with entrepreneurs, senior executives, visual leaders and other professionals all over the globe.

Thanks to my stylish inspirations (a.k.a mother) with impeccable taste, I developed a very early passion for clothing, design and accessories. From playing with paper dolls to working in luxury retail for brands like Monica Vinader, LV and Bvlgari, I enjoyed working with people, providing advice based on their personalities and helping clients take the stress out of getting dressed.

My Personal Style Story has seen a variety of transformations, but the most pivotal moment happened in university; a time where you’re constantly questioning yourself and your body. I wasn’t confident in who I was but found a way (unknowingly at the time) to let my wardrobe introduce me to the room.

The message I wanted others to receive was being told before I could say a word! I was stepping out in my own Radiant Style.

It allowed me to feel rooted in my core being.

I am a firm believer in Revealing Your Radiance.

So, now it’s my passion to empower and encourage women to use their wardrobes as powerful tools for expression, communication, confidence, connection and impact.

Dress With Intention, Shine With Confidence

Are you ready to create a presence and image that resonates authentically, speaks boldly, and captures the essence of who you are, inside and out?